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The Keys to Success...

Goal Setting

Hurdling to New Heights

Hurdling to New Heights is a captivating message that focuses on setting goals, establishing a plan and implementing a system to generate various levels of achievement. The audience will benefit by this step by step view of reaching benchmark stages to accomplish an ultimate goal. Olympian, LaTanya Sheffield is an expert in the process of achieving goals. Her success has resulted in representing the United States of America numerous times in the athletic global arena.

"Your inspirational story, energetic delivery, and stirring message moved all of us in the audience, but especially our new hire."

Terry Mitchell
Senior State Executive


Removing Barriers and Challenging Obstacles

Former American Record Holder, LaTanya Sheffield, delivers a dynamic presentation on the role of a leader from a sports perspective. Her experience as a professional hurdler offers insight on overcoming negative mindsets and paving new pathways. She believes that great leaders recognize possibilities and pursue them with zeal. They eliminate distractions that may hinder their ability to accomplish goals. Their drive is a substantial component to success and impacts the direction and    motivation of a group

"'Delivered to full audience in an energetic and engaging style, which made a great impact on the coaches from all levels."

Dave Schrock
Coaches Education Director
USA Track and Field

Team Building

Relying on the Relay

LaTanya Sheffield uses her experience as a coach of the United States Relay Team to offer athletic insight on how to build and balance a team to achieve optimum corporate goals. Whether you are in sales and marketing, operations or management, you need a team of reliable productive experts to accomplish hefty goals. Intentionally surrounding yourself with people of like-minds will impact the level of success. The power of unity yields tremendous results.

"LaTanya Sheffield was our keynote speaker and she could not have been more perfect! Her presentation was high energy. Her delivery was energetic and captivating. Her words resonated with teaches, administrators, board members, community and business representatives present."

Carol Huerta
Curriculum Compliance Specialist

Peak Performance

Standing Above the Rest

Sheffield, a world-class hurdler, unveils the importance of balancing performance and intensity. She draws the correlation between the corporate arena and the competitive playing field in which skill is required and pressure is present. Successfully performing under this condition has been defined as peak performance. Those that have encountered it describe it as “being in the zone”.

"Our group enjoyed your energy."

Erica Fluckus
Community Relations

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